Portfolio in progress

Image of a nurse and elderly woman


This application will track patients with congested heart failure. - UX Process

Image of a baby girl


This is an application that teachers and pediatricians will use in coordination with parents. - UX Process

Image of SEO text written on a blackboard

Wayfair's Search

The State of Wayfair's Search Function - UX/SEO


Yup, another weather app for you! - JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, Flickr API, Openweather API, Bootstrap

Photography by Lane Hartwell for the Wikimedia Foundation

Wiki Search

This Wikipedia Search Viewer allows you to search for random Wikipedia entries. Go ahead, you know you want to type in: Jon Snow! - JavaScript, jQuery, Wikipedia API


This productivity clock times your work with a 25 minute interval and 5 minute breaks in between them. And, yes, I do use it. - JavaScript, jQuery

IWD's Tribute Page

This is a tribute for International Women's Day (IWD) in general, and Marie Curie in particular. - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


Use your mind for something else creative, because this app tells you what to cook for the day (or for the week), to relieve you of thinking about your next meal! - JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Einstein Quote Machine

This fun and historical app randomly generates some famous quotes from Albert Einstein. - JavaScript, jQuery


This fully functional web app is a micro-tweet board dedicated specifically for cats...and their stories! - Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS, HAML